Companies and Organizations interested in becoming the Official and Principal Sponsors of our workshop PLEASE contact the workshop coordinator.

We will promote the names of our Sponsors in different ways: Web banners, info, and links on our web pages for one year, print the Sponsor names on our Call for Papers, Brochures, Flyers ...

The donations ( about 2000 USD each) from the sponsors will be used partly for supporting the organization and advertising expenses and MAINLY for creating AWARDS named after those companies, just for examples: the IBM award, HP award, etc. which will be awarded to the best-papers authors in forms of covering their publication/registration fees and their travel expenses to attend our workshops. The sponsor of an award will have first priority in having access to the research project of the given paper and in signing contracts for further research/application developments.

(In the past: our workshops were parts of the International Conference on Internet Computing & the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence which were sponsored by the World Academy of Sciences, CSREA Press, and the IEEE Magazine Internet Computing)


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